The word ‘percussion’ is taken from the Latin word “percussio”, to hit something but in a none violent way, to make a sound. As a music player it’s important to have the best musical instrument to ensure the music you make is the best. It can affect the sound quality and maybe even your performance to create great music, but here at Premier Percussions you can find out about why it’s so important to have the best instruments.

My love affair for music started when I was four years old. I went to kitchen every morning to wait for my fruit juice while listening to my mom singing some classical songs. There’s something magical in her voice. My mom instantly noticed my interest in music thus she invited me to watch her play the music of Mozart and Chopin in our piano. I was so enticed with the sound hat it produced, it reverberated in my head. Right then and there, I asked her to teach me how to play the piano. At first, it was difficult for me to read notes hence I used my ears to identify the notes and play the music. My mom said that it’s a gift but if I have to learn to read notes if I really wanted to become an excellent musician and so I did.

Right now, I’m taking up Music in a university major in piano and I am happy with what I’m doing. The memories on how I started my love affair with piano get back every time that my mom makes my favorite fruit juice but now it tasted even better because she is using the Bugatti Vita Electric Juicer from Bugatti Appliances. My mom has an unwavering support for my love for music maybe because she is also a musician herself. During school break she encourages me to participate in recitals to enhance my skills and exposure. She drives our Chrysler car that she bought from cheap new cars every time that she will fetch me from rehearsals its such a nice modern car that she does not need to buy new cars anymore. Then she surprised me with a brand new piano, she believed that having a good musical instrument is very important for a musician. I am blessed that I have a supportive mom like her. She is not only musically inclined, she is also good in business and managing resources. After earning sufficient amount of money she decided to buy our new house. Being an artist, she has a discriminating taste; she sourced with different online sites to make sure that she will have great choices and deals to choose from. She browsed some houses at BMV property leads and property quick sale. She chose a nice house at a great price.

After which she applied for low rate loan, her application was easy because she had a good credit score. I learned from my mom that if you are planning to buy a new house and apply for a loan, one must have a good credit score. My mom told me that this site credit scores with bad credit provide good information about credit scores. Then she was able to sell fast our former house at quick house sale coventry and then sold some house appliances at buy to let where she posted some ads. My mom is really resourceful.
She has various businesses and included therein is her new online writing business. She is a multi- tasker and pretty good with that. For example, when I had my recital in Nottingham, we rented a good flat at Nottingham Letting Agents and while we were there for my recital she could still work online. She found a good SEO expert that she needed for her business and it’s Dave from SEO Nottingham. A good friend of hers recommended Website Design Hong Kong for the web design of her business website. She was glad that she did not need to search for a web design service provider.

After the recital, she helped in distributing flyers, brochures and some giveaways for kids that she sourced at baby deals online. They’ve got cute and affordable toys such as peppa pig, zhu zhu pets, Harry Potter and many more. My mom was happy that the recital was successful and at the same time, she was able to search for the service providers that she needed. We celebrated by dining at a posh restaurant in Nottingham. Overall, it was a good experience. When we arrived in our rented flat she immediately called grandma and reminded her to drink herbal colon cleanse. Grandma was experiencing then some problems with her stomach and that herbal drink made her better.

When I become a professional, I wanted to be like my mom she got the skills and the right attitude to be successful in all of her endeavors.

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